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It’s been a while since I last updated this blog. Exactly two months have passed since I wrote about me passing the JLPT N5 and not much happened. Work keeps me occupied for quite a lot and I got some problems with my ear. But I am still doing Otaku stuff such as ordering single cards for my Weiß Schwarz Fairy Tail Deck.


I ordered some Wendy single cards, since I want to play with my two favorite characters. Wendy and Erza.
I need to fix some issues with this color. For example removing two of the Wendy Mavell cards and adding two Unison Raid Juvia. And also I want to exchange the Healing Magic Wendy cards for the level 2 promo Heavens Maiden Wendy. Sure, she can heal some damage, but the Cait Shelter Magician Wendy can this too with less cost and can already played at level 1.
But unfortunately I don’t think yellow is a really good color for the Fairy Tail sets. It lacks stuff like retrieving characters from waiting room or it lacks power without climaxes. Sure, Heavens Wheel Armor Erza is a very nice card, but 7k power is not enough.
So I decided to switch to green instead.


I am rather happy with the green side. Kind Smile Mirajane is a really strong card, if one of her friends is turned into Reverse in battle.

In general I like the Strauss siblings a lot. Fairy Tail Mascot Mirajane is also nice, adding another 500 power when I use a Startup Ability. Especially in late game useful with Sky Dragonslayer Wendy and her own power boost. Beastarm Elfman and Former S Class Mirajane. Never played a Bond pair so I decided to give it a try. Especially since the Mirajane can give any character a +4000 power boost. The youngest of the Strauss family, Lisanna, helps me to thin out the deck and to help Celestial Magician Lucy get her Encore Ability. I guess I will try to play another 2 instead of Honest and Laudable Wendy. Unison Raid Lucy can speed up my deck too if I am lucky enough to get her at level 0 or at level 1. And she is also useful so Unison Raid Juvia can use her skill where I can draw a card if her battle opponent gets into Reverse mode and discard a card from hand after that.
Oracion Seis is a very interesting card. I like to keep the control of the cards that I need and with that card I can search for something which could help me at any situation. And since every character has the magic trait I can choose any card I like. And this cards also goes into the Memory after played. So even more food for Lucy.
I am playing the Young Dragon Natsu Counter card because I am missing some cards of the twelve Zodiac gates to switch them with Natsu.


And for the climaxes I still use Blumenblatt because I only own two Natsu vs Zero. Sky Dragons Roar and Forced Gate Closure are used for Wendy Marvells Skill to return a Backrow character of my opponent to the bottom of his/her deck and for Celestial Magician Lucy to boost every character on my field with an additional 3000 power. And both climaxes let me draw a card if I play them into the climax slot.

And if you are interested in my decklist. Here you go:

Level 3:
3x Sky Dragonslayer Wendy
2x Celestial Magician Lucy

Level 2:
4x Healing Magic Wendy
2x Kind Smile Mirajane

Level 1:
4x Cait Shelter Magician Wendy
4x Wendy Marvell
2x Unison Raid Juvia
1x Former S Class Magician Mirajane
2x Oracion Seis
4x Young Dragon Natsu

Level 0:
4x Hones and Laudable Wendy
4x Fairy Tail Mascot Mirajane
2x Lisanna
2x Beastarm Elfman
2x Unison Raid Lucy

2x Sky Dragons Roar
2x Forced Gate Closure
2x Blumenblatt
2x Natsu vs Zero

So where did I bought those cards you may ask and that is a good question!

If you also want to buy single Weiß Schwarz cards or Weiß Schwarz cards in general I would suggest you go over to Hobbysearch for Trial Decks, Boosterpacks and Card Suplies like Sleeves or Cases.

And if you want to buy Single Cards you can either use orenoturn or yuyu-tei. They don’t ship outside of Japan but with a service like Celga you can buy anything from Japan you want. But caution, it can become expensive! Because you have to pay a transaction fee, the bank transfer fees and the shipping from the seller to Celgas warehouse. and of course the shipping costs from Japan to your homeland.

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