View on the city from Odaiba Beach.
On friday Odaiba was calling for me. Odaiba is an island build by mankind in Tokyo Bay.

I don’t know exactly why they build this island but probably because of space problems in the city?


You got an excellent view from the island.
In order to get to Odaiba you have to take a private train company. The highway in Tokyo is on second stage above the normal street. And the tracks of this railway company is one stage above the highway. It was incredible to see Tokyo that way.


The buildings are always stunning. Great work.


Wait, I am in Tokyo and not New York, right?


Beautiful place, this Odaiba is.


Because many people jump on the tracks to do suicide this company placed doors which open only if a train stopped in front of it. The trains stop within a range of milimeters and have no drivers.
For my last day, saturday I cannot show any pictures because the battery died on me. Shame on me because I visited the imperial east garden. Readers will remember I missed the opening days for this one.
I had a meet up with my penpal because she hadn’t visited the east garden so far either. But we missed each other. I don’t know how this happend but it was a missunderstanding on the meeting place.
But, yes there is a but, she suggested on a mail that we should meet at the evening in Shinjuku. There were lots of people but this time we managed to meet. Since I was the only gaijin around I think it was pretty easy for her to find me.
We first walked a bit and then decided to eat some dinner. The restaurant don’t need a waitress to take your order. Each table has an electronic touch pad where you order your stuff. Nice idea because the crew saves time for the important stuff. They still have to bring the food but that is only a matter of time until you see robot maids everywhere.
The evening was really nice but I was shocked how bad my spoken english is and sometimes it was really hard to say what I mean. I learnt british english at school and she american english so she didn’t knew some vocabs I used.
Writing in english is a lot easier.
At around 23:00 we decided to leave the restaurant because I have to wake up at 4:30 in order to get to Narita on time without any time pressure.
In japanese restaurants you do not pay at the table but at the entrance. With your order you get a receipt or a tablekey. You take this to the counter and pay.
We splitted the bill because she was faster in putting the remaining note on the cashier table. Damn!
Even the change I had to take. She didn’t want to. What am I supposed to do with it? I am leaving the next day o_O
But it was a nice and funny evening and I returned to the hotel at midnight. I went to sleep and hoped to wake up in time.
More pictures of Odaiba here.