JLPT N5 test results


At the 4th of December 2011 was the 日本語能力試験 or Japanese Language Proficiency Test which I participated in too.
And after three months of waiting my score report finally arrived in my mail box. The last time I failed and I only got a small envelope. This time I got a big one and I was rather confident. But they community college where the exam took place could have sent some information material too. I was still nervous while opening.


So I was really, really happy when I saw that I got a certificate for passing level N5. A lot of people say N5 is worthless but I don’t think so. N5 was my motivation to keep studying. I now achieved something million of people never will in their lifetime.
Sure, I didn’t pass with much fanfare but 67% was more than enough to pass this time. And now I can start to study for N4 level.
But I realized that grammar is my weak point. There was so many patterns I never saw in my textbook and so I decided to visit language school at our community college once again. But this time I will make sure that the teacher is a native Japanese. And I guess I will not visit beginner classes again. I will ask my community college if I can attend a higher class.
The next JLPT will be in summer this year but I will skip this one. Half a year is way too short and I will probably not take the test in December this year too. Summer 2013 seems to be the best choice.


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