Japan day 2009

This saturday was the annual Japan day in Düsseldorf. I wrote about the one from last year (german only).

I did not forget my camera this time, so you can see some better quality pics.



The weather was really great. Over 24° C and sunny the whole time. Last year the weather was really bad. Rainy and cold.

As always there was a huge program going on. It was even bigger than last years.

It was the eight Japan Day in Düsseldorf. Around 6,400 japanese people live in Düsseldorf. Only London and Paris have more japanese citizens in europe. In Düsseldorf are a lot of japanese sports and traditionell clubs. And here are a few schools. So the Japanese Group is performing this Japan Day to show the bond between the japanese and Düsseldorf.

On Japan Day, they had the samurai group Takeda and kyudo on a big meadow as every year.

P1010324 P1010325



These pics are from two years ago, but I think thats ok, because it was the same this year, too.

At the Rhine promenade there where a lot of booth where they showed a bit of japanese culture, informations about japan and a lot of food. At the booth you could play a round of go, watch Ikebana or Origami and calligraphy.

You could even buy kimono and yukata for around 100 EUR. Thats around 14,000 Yen. But you can just try wearing it but this would cost you 5 EUR, which is 690 Yen. I think it is really expensive just to wear it for a few minutes. The last years it was for free. Economic crisis, anyone?

Regadring music. There was a 30 minutes concert of the j-pop band Jelly Beans. Wanted to go and listen to them, but didn’t find the right stage o_O

You can see a PV of theme if you follow this link. Don’t know what rating I would give them. They sure are cute gals but the song just don’t get into my head. Would have been nice to see them live and hear more songs because I only can find this video, which is a bit annoying.

We, three friends and me, than went to a japanese bookstore to raid the figures they sell. They do have nice bits there but nothing where I thought “I must get this!” So I didn’t bought any figures this time.

But I did buy something at the japanese supermarket. A delicious melon ice which cost 125 Yen and one of my favourite drink when I was in Japan. Calpis Water (カルピスウォーター). The bootle cost me 2,30 EUR which is nearly 320 Yen O_O.

In Japan I bought them for 100 Yen!


Back at where the show is being held and time for some japanese food before the show of Leonard Eto and his pals begins. I choosed yakisoba and yakitori. 1100 Yen for both. Tiny share for huge money. They know how to get our moniez! But at least it tasted yummy.


And then it’s time for Eto-sans show. He uses the drums and he got two pals doing the show with him.

One is performing on a guitar and the other guy is perfoming step dance! Yes, step dance! The beginning was kinda boring because you only could hear the guitar and no drums. But after around 10 minutes they started the show for real.


I think it was a nice performance and definetly worth to see. The guy doing step dance looked really funny but they seemed to enjoy what they are doing. And so was the audience. Some of Eto-sans actions taken from youtube below.


Than it was time to head home. Wanted to stay until the japanese firework is over but I was too tired and I got lucky to return home just in time to see the firework on TV.