Welcome to my photography website

Who am I?

Going by the realname Alexander, or short Alex, born in Cologne, Germany in the year of ’86.
Besides my fulltime job I am a freelance photographer based in Cologne.
I developed my interest for photography during my first vacation on another continent and decided to pursue this field of art as an enthusiastic hobbyist to a semi-professional level.
Even more after discovering the almost unlimited possibilities using off-camera flash and light modifiers.

What is this site about?

I like almost any kind of photography but especially event, portrait and people photography. And since I also like the japanese popculture and attend events I decided to do cosplay photography. I have a desire to create pictures that best show the hard and detailed work of the costume makers and the characters that they represent.
Wether it be at one of the big conventions in Germany or an arranged shooting, I am always looking for talented and enthusiastic cosplayers to work with!